Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Shaving my head is like meditation for me. I can almost do it without thinking about it. Its my morning mantra. I do it in the shower. Fisrt you lather up the face and head. I use a Gillete Sensor Excel (the best). Starting with the sideburns you shave down and across. Then up the neck. Then under the nose. You shave up to the beard, but not too close. That's for later. Now start near the ear and shave up and back. First the right side of the head, then the left. I now have a shaving cream mohawk. Starting from the back of the neck I shave forward. I use my hand to make sure it is all smooth, touching up any places that aren't. Now rinse off the shaving cream and shave around the beard. This is tricky. Once you are done, here;s the best part. Turn around and let the hot water hit your head right where the spine meets the skull. This gives you a sensation that is wonderful and relaxing.

How is your morning?
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