Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Busy Weekend?

We saw a boat-load of DVD's this weekend.

House of Flying Daggers - Michelle didn't watch this. I thought it was wonderful. Not as good as Hero, but still great.

The Final Cut - Michelle hated it. I thought it was OK.

The Grudge - Slightly creepy but very formulaic and ultimately unsatisfying.

Carlito's Way - Much better than I expected. Mr. Pacino is the man.

Arlington Road - Well done film. Great acting and thought provoking plot.

Saw - The film was also much better than I expected. The ending was great. It also get the award for "most squeamish scene ever."

Michelle puts together wonderful lists of films to see. The theme this time is "surprise endings." Still on the list are:

Life of David Gale
John Q.
White Noise
Requiem for a Dream
A Perfect Murder
Jacob's Ladder
Citizen Kane
Twighlight Zone Movie
The Machinist
Road to Perdition
The Crying Game
Murder by Death
Passion of Mind
The Mirror Crack'd
The Exorcist The Beginning
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