Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Skin Machine was just reviewed in MediaPlus Magazine

Here's the Quote:
"Years ago there was, Joy Circuit, named so after a, Gary Numan,
song. But that was then and this is now. Skin Machine, named so in
honor of, Blade Runner, is primarily composed of frontman, Stephen
Taylor, and musical madman, Michael Render. To hear their raw power
and audacious brilliance - absorb the track, Blue Noise (which is
free via mp3.com). With the exception of, New Disease, (which fails
at showing off their full talent) and, Impulse, (which is a little
too punchy), Feed The Flesh, is truly an explosion of heart-felt,
melodic gusto. Taylor's voice is a Bowie-esque hyper extension of
temper and lust that oozes between the musical structure. Skin
Machine, sifts into a Darkwave category, yet easily satisfies a wider
audience. A feather-in-the-cap for a future bold, yet lucky, A&R guy,
make no mistake - today may be your first, Skin Machine, experience -
but not your last by a long shot."

25 / 25

- David Paul Wyatt Perko, MediaPlus
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