Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Busy Weekend

Friday I DJed at an Elementary School Dance. I brought all the lights, smoke and a giant rear-projection screen for video visuals. It was blast. Toward the end the kids were so hyped that it got a little out of control, but it was a well-behaved out of control if you know what I mean. I did some contests and give aways and generally rocked the hizzy.

I got a lot of requests for songs I couldn't play because of language or sexual content. And these were K-5th graders. What are parents letting there kids listen to?

The weird thing was what happened at the end. A lot of kids took my business cards (which are postcards) and stood in line to get my autograph! I am thinking, "Hey, I'm just a stupid DJ." But the kids really wanted them.

Which brings up the issue that I don't have a snazzy DJ name. I mean my usual one (DJ Black Vomit Before Dying) just doesn't work at school events. So if you can think of a name I can use, let me know. I'll send you an autographed postcard if I choose it! Heh.

Saturday Michelle and I went to an AIDS benefit for the Community Aids Network (CAN). It was a dinner and a bunch of raffles and auctions. Michelle made me buy a whole bunch of auction tickets so we could bid on everything. We eventually won dinner for 4 at Jaspers and a bottle of Irish Cream Liqueur. We sat with the Domestic Relations Court Magistrate and she was a hoot. Turned out she used to go to the bars in Kent when my band Joy Circuit played there and she remembers us. She and Michelle shared a love of frosting and they would get cake from the dessert table and eat just the frosting.

The event was a bit weird. A mixture of straight people and some of the most stereotypical flamers and dykes. It was a semi-formal dinner, but the dessert table had those little ice cream cups with wooden spoons you used to get in school. Remember those?

Sunday I am tired. I think I shall take it easy today.
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