Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Slogging Through

Last night I did lights for In Winter at Peabody's. Unfortunately there were seven other acts and they were all playing some sort of Heavy Metal. We loaded in at 5:00 and basically sat on our asses until the band went on at 10:30. Of course we got the thrill of hearing continuous double bass blast beats and growling vocals for hours on end as band after band took the stage.

Luckily the people in InWinter were monstrously cool and were tolerant of the bizarre things I do when I get bored. I found a little glowing raver stick and discovered that it fit perfectly in a straw. And then I found I could shoot the damn thing across the club with fairly decent accuracy. That kept me entertained for a few minutes! Then I started hawking In Winter CDs at the top of my lungs. The band next to us started a hawk-off which I won soundly. Then I got chastised by a security guard from India when I started claiming that we would donate 1% of the proceed to Tsunami Victims. Turns out his family was in the Tsunami. I felt small.

Ventana was headlining and they nobody could use the club's intelligent lights. Good thing I brought my own! In Winter took the stage in a cloud of fog with swirling lights and strobing goodness. We only had 10 minutes to set everything up, so the laser didn't work. Bummer - that would have been cool.

Have a Happy New Year.
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