Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Last Night

I had a good time at the In Winter show last night. Although slogging through the snow and lifting equipment up the back stairs at the Phantasy was a real drag.

Decandent played first and I haven't seen them in a long while. Their new direction suits them well.

Whitechapel was next and they bored me to tears. They sounded EXACTLY like New Order and their lyrics remind me of something girls write in their notebooks in Junior High.

In Winter was last and they rocked the Hiz-Schnizzle. (Of course it was the lighting, heh.) I think they are my new favorite band. They were also fun to hang out with. The singer, Kara, has a stalker who is really kinda creepy and made a drawing of Kara. We made fun of him by drawing our own stalker pictures.

Between the bands they had some sort of fashion show that I didn't really pay attention to.
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