Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Wet Christmas

We spent Christmas at the Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, a giant indoor water park/hotel. I had a blast going down all the slides and playing in the water. Jason finally got up the nerve to go on the four-story high tube slides with me. Dylan's friend Eli was also there and so I pretty much lost track of him. Except when I saw the two of them trying to get on the giant floating snake. I would jump in the pool and shake the snake till they flew off.

In the arcade, they had a roller-coaster simulator. It wasn't a great one, but Jason and I tried out 3 different coasters while Michelle and Dylan wasted all their tokens on Skee Ball. We cashed in our tickets for a Whoopee Cushion (Jason) and some Rare Earth Magnets (Dylan0 that did tricks. I am still terrified that those magnets are going to destroy a computer or my credit cards!

The only downer was that the restaurants were all overbooked and had horribly slow service. A hotel should know that on Christmas there is nowhere else for their guests to eat and plan accordingly.

The weirdest thing had to be the large muslim family that was there. All the women were dressed in Hajib (loose robes and head scarves). They went into the pools and hot tubs that way! Seeing six women in Hajib sitting in a hot tub will stay in my memory forever. It reminds me of the time I was in Disney World and a family unrolled mats near space mountain and started to do their prayers to mecca.

Anyway - I am doing lights for In Winter tonight at the Phantasy. You should all come and see my Laser Beams!
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