Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Busy Weekend

Dylan's birthday was Saturday so we had a party at Laser Quest. He loves that place and so do I. I always give myself embarrassing code names so all the kids with names like "hunter" and "yugioh" know they've been bitchslapped by someone who is so secure in his Laser skillz that he doesn't need to sound tough. I was "muffin" for the first game and "cupcake" for the second. And did I win? You know it!

We finished up with ice cream cake, presents and video games. A good time was had by all.

Sunday started off with "Snack with Santa" at the Akron Zoo. I used to make fun of the Akron Zoo for being such a small, podunk city zoo. "Oh is that a hamster?" "Beware the ferocious kitty cat!" That kind of thing. But over the past few years it has really grown into something respectable.

The kids got to make crafts, get their picture with Santa and feed the Penguins. Most of the activities were indoors, but the outdoor stuff was cold and bitter due to the snow.

Dylan finally got to watch Lord of The Rings and he was thrilled. Jason is still too young so he and I played together.

Oh, Friday I did my first rehearsal with the Nutcracker Orchestra. Turns out that a bunch of my charts were wrong. And I was, of course, too loud. Rock-rock on!
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