Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render


Well, we went overboard again this year. We put up a giant spider web (10' x 15') with an inflatable spider on it. We put the fog machine behind it, set to send a big puff of smoke every 60 seconds. Combine that with strobe lights, intelligent lights, flame pots, a giant pumpkin and a PA system playing an assortment of halloween music and you get a pretty spooky Render House.

And that was just the front of the house.

On the side of the house we projected the Charlie Brown Halloween Special. I couldn't believe my projector could make an image that big. Becuase we live on this weird corner, you could see the movie all the way down the block. Little kids would stop and watch a few minutes as they passed. Cars would stop and freak out.

I was originally going to be a lot scarier this year, but our neighborhood is filled with little kids.
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