Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Bedlam Bowl

Bedlam Bowl Pictures
I didn't get chance to update about Bedlam Bowl on Thursday. Better late than never.
It was a blast. We did better than expected at the door and good enough to try it again in August.
My sound system kept blowing fuses. I need to run three or four circuits next time. But even with the problems, it sounded really good in the alley. That surprised me, I expected it to be a bit boomy.
^batty^ and Heretek were wonderful, as usual. A good mix of Goth/Industrial/80's. No Gary Numan, so I will kick their asses later. Heh.
I saw lots of Missile Command T-Shirts. That was cool.
If you missed it, come to the one in August - you will not be disappointed.
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