Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Thing 3

I spent the entire day yesterday dressed as Thing 3 (Thing 1 and Thing 2's malevolant older brother) Complete with Cyan fright wig and a cyan dyed goatee! I was doing a performance at the local elementary school in celebration of Dr. Seuss's 100th birtday!!! My father is law is a professional story teller and we put together a multi-media presentation where we talked about Dr. Seuss and performed several stories. I controlled everything onstage using ArKaos and Traktor. We had to do the same show 6 times becuase the gym was being used for voting and we didn't have enough space to do the whole school at once. We ended each performance with a read along of "Fox in Socks." The mischevious Thing 3 (that's me) kept flashing "Faster" on the screen untill it became chaos. Real good fun! And we got paid! Heh. And we will probably take the show on the road to any other schools that want us.
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