Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render


Yesterday my mother had a heart attack. I want to say "nothing serious," but all heart attacks are serious. She had a stent put in her artery and everything seems to be fine. They will keep her under observation until Wednesday and then send her home. It really scares me to think of my parents dying, but I am not sure if I am scared for them, or reminded of my own mortality.

Yesterday my son had his 10th birthday party at LaserQuest. Lots of kids running around shooting each other and having fun. I came in second place. I am good. Dylan was very disappointed that we made it a "no gift" party, but that kid makes out like a bandit anyway. No need for more junky toys that will be forgotten in a week.

Yesterday Sadam Hussein was captured. Enough said.

Yesterday was really something.
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