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Last Night

"I've been listening to the new 'dj'
What's all this 'original' con?
We all live in the same museum
We all rearrange the same old song"

Last night's show at the Odeon went rather well. We played well, sounded good and looked fantastic. Especially Carrie who was looking hot. Today, however, I am in so much pain that I can barely move my arm. Which is a shame since last night's show makes me want to play more. I have to figure out something since I love playing guitar. Back to the doctors for more x-rays and pills! Sigh.

There were 8 bands last night and they got progressively better as the night went on. I couldn't stand the first three! I really dug Chain Link Society and Alias X. I didn't stay around for the rest of the bands I must confess.

I have always wanted to play the Odeon. Most of the bands I like play there. Gary Numan, Peter Murphy, KMFDM - I've seen them all at the Odeon - several times. The crew there ran the show like clockwork. Eight bands on and off without a hitch. Truly a new experience when you are used to crappy local clubs and their disinterested staff.

The ironic thing is that we got a lot of interest from the staff at the Odeon and a promoter who was there. Great timing.

It was also good to see a lot of faces that I knew. To many to list. The kids from columbus were there! Hi Dee! A guy I worked with 10 years ago showed up - weird. The girl I lost my virginity to was there. Plus all the crazy kids from Lakewood.

Anyway, I am feeling all maudlin now so I will stop.
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