Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render


I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. After I had pissed. My heart sank as I saw it float to the bottom, trailing little bubbles as it filled every nook and cranny with my urine. I quickly grabbed it and wiped it off and of course it didn't work. After letting it dry out for a day or so, it began working again. All my numbers still in memory - everything. Except the battery won't charge. I had to pull the battery from Michelle's phone to make mine work. Luckily, we both have Star Tacs. So I went down to Radio Shack and the replacement batteries are about 50 bucks! Now my phone works again and I am 50 dollars poorer and I suppose there is a lesson in here somewhere. But if that lesson is "Don't drop your phone in a bowl of piss water," I think I knew that already.
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