Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Just got back from Dayton. Skin Machine played 1470 West with Filament 38 and Cruciform Injection. Do to a mix up in promotion, i.e. there was none, we played to a very sparse, yet receptive audience. Technical glitches were everywhere. And to compound matters, the PA system at the 1470 sucked. The club looked great and everyone was friendly, but the PA was horrible.

Great sets turned in by Filament 38 and Cruciform Injection. Very entertaining and full of energy.

Stephen got horribly sick on the way home and we had to stop to let him vomit. Big fun! Then we stopped by Grandpa's Cheese Barn and bought way to much cheese and candy.

I must take a moment to give mad props to thecreepthecreep. He is truly one of the most under appreciated guys working behind the scenes. We love you man!
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