Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

I was just sitting here pondering what to do with the 10 bucks I earned
last night and I figured I review the high and low points of the show.

First neotek is one block-rockin' mama-jama. Coolest music I have ever
heard coming from a nerdy guy. I like more of a show, so I didn't care
much for his twidlling with the computer for minutes on end. Just
my prejudice.

Chloe and Android were the bomb, as usual. Android does add a neat
element to Chloe's show. And he is the master of the Chaos pad.
We all learned the Chloe dance. And we also learned (the hard way) that
Chloe can't play guitar for spit.

Skin Machine was great. (A little hubris never hurt)
Android came up on stage to sing "Skin Machine" and
brought the blessings of R23 to all who would listen. All in all,
the night was sacred.

About 15 paying customers.
I found out thursday the club had no sound system and I had to bring
Some drunk guy grabbed my balls.
The same drunk guy sat in a corner and vomited on Chloe's synth
stand. Android carried it out holding it with napkins.
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