Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Saturday at the Symp

I guess I never posted what a great show last Saturday turned out to be. Very enthusiastic crowd that read like a who's who of LJ and local bands. I would list them all, but I would forget somebody and they would kick my butt. We had a supergroup onstage for Skin Machine and Spin Batty Spin. Android, Sean from Dust_Head, Chloe, Justin. And on the Symposium stage it was really crowded. And thanks to everyone who screamed untill we played an encore. You made us all squishy inside.

Decadent has added more guitars and a drummer to their lineup. They have a more immediate and compelling sound now. And they made a good choice covering Iggy Pop's Passenger. That suited David K's range really well. (Although he did have to read the words off a cue card!)

Disown has come into their own also. The Swede didn't think they were heavy enough!, so I guess that makes me a wimp. Its a shame a lot of people took off before they played.
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