Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

I am going to quit my job on Friday. I have been looking forward to this
for quite some time. I work for some stupid people based in California
who have completely wasted my talents as well as my patience.

I am one of those classic personality types that always thinks they are
unqualified for what they do. Always waiting to be "caught" being
incompetent. This all changed about four years ago when I started doing
work for companies based in the Silicon Valley. When I first went out there
I was intimidated. I was going up against the best of the best. Boy was I
mistaken! Most programmers out there are second rate hacks who can barely
type, let alone create good code. I still feel insecure sometimes, but I know
I am better than 80% of those guys.

The point. Those guys are rampant in the company I work for, so I am leaving to
do a project with a small team of talented people. Hooray for me! And when I
am rich from all the stock options (snigger) I won't forget the little people.
(Billy Barty, The Mighty Michu, Warwick Davis, etc.)
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