Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

I Kissed Voltaire on the Lips

Thursday night was the best show we ever had at the Outland. Sure the PA stunk and the sound man didn't know a microphone from a hole in the ground, but there was a crowd and there was energy.

A roll call of names would look like a who's who from LJ, so I will skip it here. (I am too lazy to cut and paste all the names)

This was the first time I saw Gossamer and they were really good. I hope they don't break up. It is so rare to have a decent, polished group and I would hate to lose them after only hearing them once.

I was amused by everyone wearing Power Jewels on their heads. Funny as hell. I blame Sephski!

I didn't actually watch Voltaire. I hung out on the patio with the rest of the people who weren't there to see Voltaire. We made friends with a guy from Louisiana called Veil. Its so weird hearing a skinny Goth boy say "y'all". He is planning on coming up for the Phantasy show in July.

After the show was over, Voltaire said something about kissing me. (He was drunk) So I did, right on the lips. He was a bit taken aback, but what the hell! And then he gave me one of his CD's. Out in the parking lot, I played my acoustic guitar and did lounge versions of Spin Batty Spin and other Skin Machine favorites. Of course when Voltaire came out, he had to be the center of attention and took my guitar and began performing for the 6 people in the parking lot. Heh.

I went back to my hotel room, shared some junky foods with the people I love and then slept the deep sleep of those content in the knowledge they are damned.
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