Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Father's Day

Saturday, my boys and I took my Dad to see Star Wars. This was weirdly uncomfortable. My Dad talked throughout the movie. Just like he did when I was a child. My Dad is a lot different now, but it certainly dredged up all the all feelings when he abused me as a child.

Sunday, my boys took me to Chuck E. Cheese. Boy do I hate that place. Don't any parents actually raise their children anymore. I think I am becoming an elitist. I did rack up the bonus tickets on Skee Ball...twice. I think that annoyed some kids!

After the Chuckster, we came home to play Bocce Ball in the front lawn of the Palatial Render Estate. Two rounds in, I whacked Jason's ball with mine and he went inside in tears. Dylan then kicked everybody's butt in Chutes and Ladders!

And as an aside, thank Jehovah for Naproxen and my Jacuzzi Tub.
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