Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render


Those of you who know me would probably not associate me with classical music, but there I was, at a private recital with some of the biggest hitters in classical music from Akron and Cleveland and it was incredible.
First let me tell you that if you ever get a chance to hear Christina Tan play the piano, go for it. I find most solo piano work sterile and cold, but she was like liquid. She filled the room with shimmers and textures that I can not describe.
There were cello players, organ players and a saxophone player who's tone and technique were so good that we all sat there stunned.
I hate opera. There, I confessed. A tenor from the Cleveland Opera got up sang some forgettable song that I could care less about. Then he turned and sang "I got me a cat and the cat pleased me" He sang the whole freaking song and had us in stitches. You have never heard a very proper Opera singer go "My pig went shimmy-shank, shimmy-shank" you just haven't lived.

Then we went home and my son began throwing up. Wee.
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