Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Yesterday, the storm came upon Akron. I was talking to someone on AIM and rewriting contracts when the sky grayed. The rains began and the wind blew. From my office I could hear the distant thunder. Then, like an act of God, the lights went off. No power. I went downstairs and out the front door.

The scene was surreal. The trees were an eerie, muted, shade of green as the buffeted in the wind. The rain made a solid wall that bent and waved like a flag on a pole. I couldn't resist and walked out into the rain.

Shortly I was drenched in cool water. I was pelted and surrounded. I tried to be the rain. I tried to stretch out my consciousness till you couldn't tell the difference between me and drops. And all the while my mind drifted. I thought of soft skin and insistent kisses and passion without end. Then I cried.
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