Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Dark Rave

It turned out to be a night of LJers at the Dark Rave. I finally got to meet darkest_eve and celestialsparks in person. That was cool. celestialsparks is another case of her LJ icon not doing her any justice. She is far more attractive than her picture lets on. I really enjoyed talking to her last night.
I watched as darkest_eve got progressively more drunk. Hey, what happened to the girly drinks?
I was honored to be at the debut of nemesisn72 as a DJ. Even though she didn't play Skin Machine (or Peter Murphy for that matter) she was excellent.
I met a lot of people who's first names seemed to be DJ. Seemed common that night. Kinda like Mohammed at the Mosque.
I kissed transmission00 on the neck and tasted salt. It was interesting.
I grabbed android23's cock. And also made out with him. Not sure why, but he needs a shave.
I got to see two ladies (who shall remain nameless, but we got pictures) making out. Obviously they have no idea what that does to men like android23 and me. Or maybe they do.
I ran into geojones, thecreep and the hoarse stygmameshe. I ran into other people from LJ, but I am bad with names.
I am not sure if I will be at the ChewBQ. I will be there if my kids are up to it.
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