Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Jillian's Show

You bright young things
I should have known we were off to a bad start when they made Brian's wife leave the club. Brian is the guitar player for decadent, and his wife was under 21. Needless to say, the Decadent boys were not in the best mood.

This room is prison
Things quickly began to go from bad to suck fest as we realize that there was almost nobody in the club. Maybe 10 people. Thank god for guarantees.

I can't believe the noise
Regardless of their mood, Decadent put on a hell of a show. David is one of the best vocalists in the Cleveland area. Now we just need to get those guys recorded!

I plug my wife in just for show
The enigmatic Mrs. Render showed up with two of her friends. This is the first time she has seen me play live. Everybody was impressed. Mrs. Render took my makeup kit and put Power Jewels on everyone at the table. That was quite amusing. One of the ladies wanted to know if David from Decadent was married. He's such a Sexy bitch!

Are 'friends' electric?
It was surprise to see android23. He came up to sing Skin Machine again. I love that! He also called oenone who had forgotten the show was on Friday. She showed up about three songs in.

She only sparkles at times for you tonight
It was good to see transmission00. She came down with thecreep. I couldn't believe she didn't wear her new boots! I gave her all my Subway stamps and that seemed to make her happy! thecreep put on a dazzling light show, as usual. What did we do before he came along?

All I can do now is wait for the noise
Stephen was in top form for the show. Its amazing, even with so few people he acted like this was the most important show he will ever do. The image of him curled up on the floor, cradling the 'noise' sign will haunt me. I think Kevin moved a little. Maybe an inch or two. He was disappointed that his brand new effects unit went on the fritz right before we played. I actually played keyboards and guitar synth for this show. And you missed it.

Listen to my voice
I debuted Seed of a Lie. This was the first time I ever sang a song alone with Skin Machine. I was nervous and self-conscious. I also forgot that Stephen uses a wireless monitor, so when I started, I could not hear myself.

I like some bitch to scare me
Of course it wouldn't be a Skin Machine show without some drunk person acting up. For some reason, this lady was being thrown out of the club by security. She thought that would be a good time to sit by Kevin's girlfriend Veronica and tell he life's story. I took the opportunity to load the van.

Was my wife the doctor, the patient or something obscene
I think that seeing me play has brought me and my wife closer. She told me how proud she was of me. And this morning we had the greatest sex we have had in a long time.
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