Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

To Skin Machine or Not to Skin Machine

Weird times, weird tales. I just got a package from a record label that wants to hand us a contract. There is a catch, however. They want to change the name of the band. Their proposed name is Mechanica Monsoon. I think it is stupid. They have already lined up contracts with the Oxygen TV network and director Will Keenan for our music to be on TV and film. They are securing Voltaire to direct an MTV video for us. There is a lot of good stuff. They have already even done the artwork. I have a real printed Mechanica Monsoon CD in my grubby hands.

Our options are:
Tell them to fly a kite, we are Skin Machine.
Grin and take the name Mechanica Monsoon.
Come up with a third name that is pleasing to all.

Advice? Suggestions?
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