Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Peter Murphy

The Peter Murphy show last night was great. I was a little nervous when he played the first three songs on his new CD in order. Its not my favorite CD, so I was relieved when didn't turn out to be that CD in its entirety. He was in good form and didn't dress like a dork this year. His new band was fantastic, violins, chapman sticks and exotic instruments. He came out for 4! encores. Ending the night, wrapped in a black feather boa and singing the eeriest version of Space Oddity you have ever heard.

Highlights of the evening included Peter's impersonation of Elvis and his 5 minute monolog before the first encore when he talked about his sister moving to Cleveland. I loved hearing Gliding Like a Whale and Fall with Your Knife.

The opening act was some very low key singer/guitarist that I wasn't much interested in.

After the show, Peter came out and motioned to Stephen and Theresa. "Come with me," he said. We hung out by his tour bus and chatted for a while. Peter poked my Jewel and said he could see it flashing from the stage. I don't know if he was kidding, but it makes a great story. He was very gracious and pleasant. A remarkable man.
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