Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

She wasn't expecting the rain, but she relished it none the less. Big, fat, lazy drops fell from the sky. At first, just a few at a time. Then a wall of rain swept over her and she was pelted. Her clothes became sticky with wetness. The rain felt warm and cleansing. She could barely see in front of her. If she felt like categorizing, she would have called this "torrential." But she did not feel like it. She felt like dancing. Like stretching out herself till she engulfed the world. Rain pouring down on her. The roar was deafening. Tiny pat-a-pats like thousands of drummers playing a mile off. She didn't see or hear the car as she neared the street. The driver of the car didn't see her either. Just wiper blades pushing away the heavy rain in a futile effort.
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