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I took my 8 year-old son, Dylan, to see the Spider-Man movie yesterday. Of I course I ignored the advice I got from colz about ticket availability and showed up around 4:00. The 4:00 and 4:30 showings were sold out. The lady ahead of us got two tickets to the 5:00 showing. When we asked for tickets, we were told the 5:00 show had just sold out! Suck! We got tickets for the 7:00 show and went off to kill some time.

First we went to Borders where I bought some Neil Gaiman Sandman Graphic novels and October Country by Ray Bradbury. (Thanks georgeanne and sarahyzenbaard.) Dylan got some Star Wars books. Then we went to CompUSA, then Toys R Us, then etc. etc. it was 6:30.

We got great seats in the middle and settled down. Soon the previews rolled. There will be a Hulk movie next summer for anyone who cares.

Spider-Man began.

First a word about my tastes. I enjoy movies; everything from Fellini to trashy Godzilla. I like to be challenged, I like to escape. I want to learn about the human condition, I want to see new worlds. I want to cry, I want to laugh, I want to be scared. I am not the most discriminating movie goer, yet I am easily put off by gaping plot holes and bad stories.

Spider-Man was great escapist fare. The best super-hero movie I have ever seen. They actually had character development, good acting and a story line that was consistent with its own premises. The action and special effects served to tell the story and not the other way around. It was not dark and broody, nor was it tongue-in-cheek campy. It was a story about a young man who found himself in extra-ordinary circumstances. Tobey Maguire was perfectly cast. Willem Dafoe was brilliant as usual.

I don't want to go into too many details because the movie unfolds quite nicely and I don't want to spoil it. But one scene I must mention. There is a scene with one of the hottest kisses I have seen in the movies in a long time. In the rain. Upside down. Woot.

Is this a great movie on its own? I dunno. Will it win an Oscar? Probably not. Is it great escapist action/adventure. You bet. Go see it.

Side note. It is intensely scary for the younger set. Dylan was at about his threshold of terror. He thought is was great, but had trouble sleeping. Think hard before taking someone under 9 or 10 to this.
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