Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Skin Machine played the Ouland in Columbus last night with Set to Burn and Bella Morte. There were only 44 paying guests! That really and truly sucked. Especially for a band as good as Bella Morte.

I got my ass whipped with a small leather whip. Dee brought it to the club. I discovered the secret to all those wimpy fetishists; you can't feel the whip through leather pants! Try as she might, Dee couldn't even get me to feel it. Tania tried and didn't do much better.

Some guy stood right in front of us the entire time we played and just stared. It sort of freaked us out. After the show he introduced himself. He loved us. He is a Pro Dom in the Columbus area and liked us so much that the next time we play there, he is going to put us up, get us some smoke and drink and provide us with strippers! He also gave us some great web sites for clothing.

Rick, the guitarist from Set to Burn, got so drunk that he almost destroyed a pool table and had to be physically carried from the club. I guess he is still depressed from his break up with his girl friend of 2 1/2 years. Mumbled something about the lyrics to the Skin Machine CD helped him through it?, then barfed like there was no tomorrow.

A girl named Mary burned me with her cigarette and asked me if I like it. I didn't, but of course I said yes. She then whipped out some neo-sporin and treated my wounds. I guess she carries it around for times like these. She played with my Ninja weapons and almost had an orgasm. Strange.

Stephen and the bartender flirted all night! It was amusing to watch her. When I told Stephen I thought she liked him, he was stunned. That boy has no clue. She introduced me to listerine sheets! They are these little square sheets of listerine that dissolve on your tongue. I wonder if she was trying to tell me something.

Bella Morte put on one hell of a show, plus they are the nicest guys! These are the kind of people who deserve success. They want to hook up with us in Richmond for another show!

I did some flirting. I listened to music. I had a good time.

On the way home, Stepehen and I stopped at a scary truck stop and got donettes! One box of powdered and one box of chocolate covered. Stephen wouldn't get out of the car. I then made his listen to Kompressor on the way home. We decided that "Vitamins are Godd" is our favorite.
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