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We'll I am sitting here waiting for the low blood sugar twitching to stop so I thought
I was write in my journal. (I can barely type right now, but that will pass)

I am having an insane time trying to get motivated. I do not care much for the
people I work for and I am pretty sure I will take a new job in February. I am
completely on exit mode. I would hate to get fired before then and this project
is really big. Oh, well. I will deal.

Buy of the Week:
I bought a used Line6 guitar amp on Friday for 200 bucks! Its the 50 watt Spider
with a single 12" speaker. Great practice amp.

Game of the Week:
My son Jason (4) and I played Don't Spill the Beans yesterday. He kicked my

Worst Movie of the Week:
I saw Escape from LA for the first time. This is crappy even by my standards.
The surfing scene made me laugh really hard. Sheer crap.

Best Movie of the Week:
I saw A Beautiful Mind this weekend. Russell Crowe is a effing genius. Go see this.
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