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Michael Render's Journal
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Friday, October 17th, 2008

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Oww, My Knuckles!
So yesterday was my first attempt to break boards in Tae Kwon Do.

An orange belt gets up and punches through a board no problem. Great, I think, I am a blue belt, this should be easy.

I get up, measure my distance, and strike. My knuckles meet an unyielding wall of wood. Nothing but scraped knuckles.

I try again, same result. No broken board, but very hurt knuckles.

So Master McCray tells me to just front kick it. I try twice and no luck. I am feeling very discouraged now.

Master McCray, who is a 6th Dan Black Belt, then attempts to break my board. He throws a reverse punch - nothing! He throws a really hard punch - nothing! He does a front kick - nothing! I am starting to feel much better about myself now. He finally does this wicked back kick and breaks the board.

Master McCray then selects another board and has me try again. I am really nervous because my hand is starting to swell. But one of my reverse punches splits the board like a toothpick. My ego restored, I went home and iced my hand!

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