January 12th, 2006


More Vegas

My body is getting used to Vegas time. I think it's 8 in the morning!

Yesterday was jammed pack.
Mirage - Went to see the white tigers. One pooped in the pool! Kids loved it.
Caesars Palace - Went to the forum shops, saw the fountain show, ate at the Casino Buffet.
Harrahs - Went to the Mac King Comedy Magic show. Jason got to be an assistant.
New York - Did the arcade, rode the roller coaster.
Show Case Mall - Did the 4D M&Ms ride, bought M&Ms.
MGM Grand - Ate at the Rainforest Cafe. Saw the Lions.

Best line:
Kreidler: Are you from Vegas?
Cabbie With thick Eastern European Accent: No.
Kreidler: Were are you from?
CWTEEA: Minnesota.


The Caesar's Palace buffet was some of the best food we have ever eaten. And by far the best buffet we have ever been to. Ate to much and felt sick!

Jason got chased by a guy in a bear suit at the Mac King Comedy Magic show. Mac King was great and autographed all sorts of things for us.

Dylan finally got nauseous on a ride. We rode the Mahattan Express roller coaster twice and he felt woozy after the second one.

At night, the streets are lined with hucksters giving out advertisements for hookers. Ooops, I mean personal exotic dancers.

McDonalds and CVS have flashing neon signs. Weird.

Vegas Trek

Today was Star Trek day in Vegas.

First, we got the hell out of Circus Circus and moved to the Excalibur. Circus Circus is a dump compared to here. The rooms are bigger and nicer at the Excalibur, so here we are.

kreidler had a hard night sleeping, so we left her at the Excalibur and went off to be Trek Nerds.

We used the monorail to get to the Hilton. We had to walk a mile to get to a station and it cost us $15 bucks for me and the boys. Not a good deal. Plus I got to sit next to a toothless alcoholic who wanted to talk about Star Trek syndication. Wee.

The Star Trek Experience was wonderful. We started with the Klingon Adventure, which was amazing and a lot fun. It made be a bit nauseous.

The Borg Adventure in 4D was next. Live Borg characters begin assimilating the Star Fleet characters and my kids began getting creeped out. In the main theater, when needles began poking you from your chair, Jason lost his mind and he spent the rest of the show in my lap.

The quality of the shows were really high. All Trek Nerds need to see this.

Shopped at the stores. We got a classic Phaser, two tribbles and some stuff for ^batty^!

The cab ride back was only $14.70. Why the hell would anyone use the monorail?