February 24th, 2005


To Think That I Heard It....

Dr. Seuss season is in full swing. We have been finalizing rehearsals for the March performances. (First one will be in DetroitRockCity!)
My new costume is killer! Full Red Plush Jumpsuit with feet! I will post pictures as I get them. I really want to do this with facial appliances and makeup, but it is time and cost prohibitive. A wig and costume and cyan-blue beard for now.
This year we are using a fog machine and moving lights - just to freak out the elementary school kids!
A school system in Florida wants us to do a show. But we won't unless we can line up a mini tour through the southern states.
The weirdest request was from Dollywood! Our licensing agreement does not allow us to perform where they charge admission so its out. But boy that would have been fun.