February 13th, 2005


Live from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

I am here at the biggest nerd fest ever. This tournament makes Star Trek conventions look mainstream. Players range in age from 5 to 50. There are goth kids, punk kids, normal kids, heavy metal kids and some kids I just can't figure out! Heh. Not as many kids in costume as I expected but what they lack in numbers they make up for in nerdliness.

The tournament has been delayed a bit because 720 participants signed up. About twice as much as they were expecting and a North American Record for Yu-Gi-Oh!

The format is 10 rounds of Swiss Tournament at 40 minutes a round. Do the math. If we stay for the whole thing it will be near 7 hours. Good thing I brought my laptop and a whole stack of movies.

God I'm bored.

Round 5

Its 3:04 and round five is just starting. Dylan is so far 1 and 3. But he is still excited. I took a few pictures while I was tooling aound.

Sorry Ladies, this guy is married!

The button says it all.

Still in Columbus

Its 7:00 - round 9 is just beginning in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament.
I met so great guys from Syracuse, NY and we have been hanging out between rounds, eating White Castle and ragging on dorks.
I started watching Gypsy 83. Great movie so far but when a round ends, all the kids come to my end of the hall and it coincided with the gay bathroom scene. A quick pause and slam of the laptop screen. Heh.