April 3rd, 2002


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It was great show in Columbus last night. There were not a lot of people in attendance, but they were very enthusiastic. spinmistress looked sexy as hell and did a great job spinning. thecreep bailed out our butts by showing up and running sound. They did not pay him enough for the crap he had to put up with. Skin Machine only got paid $28 (and that's not apiece) so none of us got paid well. Thank goodness for that CD sale. Stepehen and I could get steakburgers at Steak & Shake!

I met a guy from Gossamer who is interested in doing a show with us. Good deal! And I got a few more entries in the email book. We were also asked to play with Bella Morte on the 21st. I have to check our schedules, but that could be fun.

I lost all my red jewels (batty?) so I had to wear a green one last night. Green has different secret render powers than red and so my feet hurt this morning. I also got mascara in my eyes and they hurt. I got to find my red jewels!

My new girlfriend showed up. She hit on me, spinmistress and Stephen. I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that she is so overly familiar with people she barely knows.

Second Skin rocked the hiz-house. They had to deal with crappy equipment and a crappy PA, but they put on a great show. Keep your eyes open for these guys. They were really nice people too. I have never played with such a gracious band.

I am missing a lot of details, but you get the picture. I had fun doing interpretive dance with spinmistress and the people at the Outland were great too.

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