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It's update time around here.

I just updated my development machine to Vista SP1. I don't know what that will get me, but here I am.

The Studio Machine is now Vista 64. This means my crack for Cubase will no longer work. I own a legal copy, it's just that I hate the stooped dongle. I just ordered the latest upgrade, so when that comes I can install it and the dongle and life will be good. The MOTU 64 bit drivers installed like a charm and so did Adobe CS3 Production Studio. (I remembered to unauthorized it before updating)

I have an old crappy machine that I am reviving. New memory, new power supply, new video card, clean OS install. The lesson I have learned is never buy another eMachine or Gateway computer. The kids have eMachines and they have had a lot of problems. Recently I replaced Jason's hard rive. Both boys have new power supplies and video cards. I might as well have built them myself.
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