Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Craptastic Film Festival

I slogged through some of the worst films this weekend.

Mr. Woodcock - What a completely formulaic and insipid piece of trash. I could have written this movie by just cobbling together cliches.

Doomsday - A for idea, D for execution. What could have been an excellent homage to almost every post-apocalyptic and epidemic film turned out to be a mish-mash. Everything was stolen from other films, on purpose. Which could have been great, but wasn't. It wasn't funny, so it wasn't a parody. It wasn't done nearly as good as the originals it rips off. It has it's moments, but it mostly turned out to be a game of "identify which movie it is 'honoring' now."

Lost Boys 2: The Tribe - This one was so ripe I couldn't finish it. It was good to see Corey Feldman reprise his role as Edgar Frog. Did I say good? He was terrible! And where did they dig up Keiffer's younger half-bother, Angus Sutherland. Acting does not seem to run in the family.
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