Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Movies, Movies, Movies

Kreidler and I watched some interesting movies this weekend.

Onibaba - creepy B/W Japanese film from the sixties about two woman who murder wounded samurai and sell their armor and weapons to survive in war-torn feudal Japan. Big yes on this film although the pacing is a little weird to my westernized tastes.

Exorcist - I haven't watched this in years, but it still gets the job done. We watched a version with 11 extra minutes, but we are still not sure what those minutes were.

Return of The Living Dead - Another film I hadn't seen in years. It was campy and reeked of the 80's. Good fun.

Kreidler has been slowly going through the IMDb top 100 Horror films and watching the ones we haven't seen. Next is the Innocents.
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