Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render


Kreidler has been discharged and I got my EVDO modem working. I forgot my new laptop doesn't have bluetooth, so I had to get a data cable.

We are at Kreidler's friends' house. They have been absolutely gracious about letting me use their home as my base of operations. I wake in the morning and Susie has made me coffee, bacon and eggs, plus she puts out bagels and cream cheese and donuts. I feel spoiled.

Our plan is to drive home on Sunday. We have pillows and comforters to pad the car and hopefully it will not be a too bumpy ride.

Kreidler is sleeping now, which is great. She is improving slowly, day by day. She has bruises all over her and she has some kind of semi-collapsed lung thing. (Don't you love my medical jargon) She has to do breathing therapy with a blowy-contraption. (more medical jargon) The crack in the sternum still hurts like the dickens, but the codeine is taking the edge off that.

More later.
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