Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render


Kreidler is actually in Hudson Valley Hospital, which is in Westchester County, for those of you who need to know such things.

The Hospital is so overcrowded they can't give her a real room. She has been moved to a private triage room in the ER. At least she has some privacy now.

All the pain meds just make her nauseous. She says this is worse that child birth. And she went natural with son #2. If this is what it feels like to have open heart surgery like XSG surmises, I will pass.

Still no word on when she can leave. She has to start breathing therapy and they are still working to control the pain.

I keep checking airflights in case I have to go. AirTran's regular fare is cheaper than Continental's emergency fare. Go figure. I am going AirTran.
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