Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Ah, The Beach!

I am sitting in a looking at Virginia Beach as I type this. It is gorgeous. We got here Sunday night and have been playing the tourist ever since. Yesterday was a "red flag" day at the beach. That meant the waves were too strong to go swimming. We just waded in and let the waves knock us around. I had never been in an ocean before and it was fun. A bit scary when the water knocks you off your feet, but fun.

There are lots of kitschy touristy things to do, so I am in heaven. We even booked a pirate ship boat ride for later today. Bring on the cheesy!

Dylan and I both tested for our next Tae Kwon Do belts on Saturday before we left. He is now a blue belt and I am an orange belt.
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