Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Stuck In Traffic

I am sitting in stop and go traffic on the way back from Virginia while I post.
Holiday travelling sucks. Shouldn't all these people be home?

I discovered the weird plastic do-hickey on my new Vaio is a GSM modem and I have a 30 day trial with Cingular. It's not blazing, but it's great for internet in the car!

Our trip to Virginia was a mixed bag. Jamestown was great. I got to skin hides and beat corn. They also have working replicas of the ships in the harbor. I can't imagine travelling 5 to 6 months in even the biggest.

Yorktown wa fun, but small. The surgeon's tent display really creeped out the boys. A re-enactor described all the tools and their uses. The amputation tools were the best! (or worst)

Williamsburg was disappointing. It rained, it was boring and it was overly commerciallized. I felt no need to purchase Ye Olde Pez Dispensers. The Patrick Henry impersonator was fascinating, but the kids lost interest very fast.

Well, the traffic hasn't moved yet, but I am done. Happy Holidays
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