Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Fun, Frolic and Phlebotomy

I just got back from the Emergency Room. My blood sugar plummeted today and I got all dizzy and inchoherent. (Not that I am ever that coherent to begin with.) I had something to eat and kreidler called 911. The EMS guys checked me out and they said I didn't need emergency transport but I should go get checked out. My doctor's office also told me to go. So go I went.

kreidler put all my medications in a bag and drove me down. She was taking real good care of me. About halfway to the hospital I felt fine, wouldn't you know it. I got blood work, an EKG and doctors and nurses poking me with needles. Bottom line is I am fine. It's probably just my diabetes meds having a strong reaction. I see my doctor tomorrow to adjust things. Hopefully he can figure out why my feet are so swollen. kreidler calls me the Elephant Man.
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