Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Update Shmupdate

I haven't updated in awhile. Don't know why. Just no motivation.

My birthday came and went in a pleasant manner. My father-in-law made me the biggest juiciest steak I have ever had.

A friend of mine from a long time ago died and a group of us gathered at House of Hunan to remember him.

I have been trying to renew our license to perform our Dr. Seuss show. Looks like it will actually happen.

kreidler and I secured a loan to have improvements done on the house. First step is a bay window. kreidler promises to not ask to move for at least three years!

Dylan got his yellow belt in Tae Kwan Do. Pretty soon he will be able to kick my butt.

Jason is learning every Green Day song known to man on drums. He has become a Tre Cool fanatic.

I have been watching a lot of weird documentaries lately. The Nomi Song, New York Doll, How to Draw a Bunny, Trekkies 2. I love films about odd people. Any suggestions?

I am off to the Dentist this morning to have a filling replaced. Joy!
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