Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Day One of the Con

Dylan has learned to pose. I guess this is very important at cons. In fact, they have a class in posing. Everytime I asked a costumed attendee for a photo, not only did they graciously agree, they posed. It's all a but freaky but I am getting used to fandom society.

The best part is the vendor room. Anybody need a 7 foot samurai sword or a giant Hello Kitty back pack? How about figurines from the most obscure anime/manga of all time? Dylan got some Naruto gear and I picked a manga for Jason.

Dylan likes the game room best . There are a bunch of anime-based games and tons of nerdly guys willing to challenge you. I played guitar hero and got the high score. Ah the magic of Smoke on the Water!

A Japanese punk band called Peelander Z also played last night. They were hilarious. They dressed in anime style clothes and played an almost unintelligable brand of hardcore punk.

We are off again for day two, this time with one of Dylan's friends.
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