Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

My Trip to Corporate Heaven

I just got back from Orlando, Florida. My emotions
about the whole thing are mixed. I guess I should
state up front that I am infatuated with Cheesy
Americana. I can't resist a good museum of oddities
and strange memorabilia. On Skin Machine's last
trip to Columbus, Stephen and I stopped at Grandpa's
Cheese Barn and I bought a bunch of cheese and a
light-up plastic nose. Get the picture?

I took my kids to Universal Studios and Islands of
Adventure. I loved all of it. We stayed at the Portofino
hotel, which is on-site, so we didn't need a car
to get anywhere. Plus, you get a front of the line
pass so you don't have to wait in ANY lines. That
was worth the price right there.

I was amazed by how much vendors could charge
down there and people would gladly pay it. I think
the cheapest meal we had set me back 38 bucks.
The biggest crime was a coffee sho that charged
3 bucks for a 16 oz soda!!!

I loved all the rides. My favorites were Spider Man
and Men In Black. On the other hand, after spending
three days with tourists, I decided I hate all people.
I thought I was a humanist, now I'm just a misanthrope.

On the plus side, I did get more raver jewellery at the
Men In Black Gift Shop.
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