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It was a strange and wonderful night last night at the Robinhood in Kent. Is it me, or are these gigs getting more fun everytime we play? I got to meet some Akron LJ members, and that was cool. I also got to meet spinmistress in person for the first time. All I can say is Wow! batty's ass is no longer my interest, it is my obsession.

A big thanks to thecreep for doing lights. They looked fantastic. He will definitely be a regular at Skin Machine shows.

The only bummer of the evening was that someone stole Geminus Sect's Korg EM1. How do some people sleep at night?

Some things I learned:
android23 can actually sing. Well. Harmony and melody. Not just that moody snarl he does with Chew's Eye Shop.
Never play in Kent when their basketball team is playing in the finals.
Never be nice to drunk people. They follow you around and make incomprehensible comments.
Sweating in leather pants turns your legs black.
Never pose for compromising pictures with spinmistress.
Scratch that last one, go for it!

I have never seen Geminus Sect before. They are some scary, borg-looking guys. I don't particulalry like bands that growl instead of sing, but they were oddly compelling. Plus, a whole group of us shouting "Fuck" on every downbeat was a lot of fun.

I am sure I have more to say, but I haven't had enough coffee yet.

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