Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Now I'm a Jazz Guy

I went to the Cashmere Cricket to hear a jazz/standards band last night and they invited me to sit in on drums for a song. It was very intimidating and I knew none of their songs, but I faked it pretty well and had a fun time.

George Lawrence was there also. He is a fantastic drummer and is between shows on his tour with Poco.(Anybody remember Poco? No? Me either! Click For Poco's Web Page) He sat in after me and made me feel very humble. Although his playing is not subtle - his chops were incredible.

The band's drummer is Tom Konopka, one of the best local jazz players. He has been teaching me for the past year, trying to put some finesse in my playing! Heh. He had one of those little jazz kits with the 18" kick drum and I kept teasing him about his lack of a double bass pedal for my death metal blast beats.

I think I intimidated a few of the customers when they asked me if I knew Misty. I think they thought I was with the band. "Only at 200 BPM!" I said.
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