Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

What is in a Name?

It turns out that my legal name is on the "no fly" list from the FAA. This means extra-special check-ins every time I fly. kreidler thinks it is time to finally have Render made my last name legally. All I need to decide is a middle name. It's Henderson right now. Henderson is my mom's maiden name. Any suggestions welcome.

After dealing with airport matters, the 4 hour flight was uneventful. Although I think the flight attendants aren't happy it was Kellogg Korn Flakes for our meal. Flakes everywhere. Especially around Jason.

We went to the Stratosphere tower after checking in. We ate far too much at the buffet and we were far to tired from getting up at 6:00 am. Much whining and crankiness ensued. We grabbed a cab back to the hotel and chilled.

After chilling, we went to the indoor amusement park here at the Circus Circus Hotel. There was practically no one here so we just got on rides at will. An indoor double loop, double corkscrew roller coaster is weird inside a building. Bumper cars were a favorite. Then off to the arcade.

kreidler and I are very particular about the games we let our boys play, but here they had carte blanche. "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." They played every fighting and shooting game known to man.

I managed to blow $6 on slots. That is the entire extent of my gambling. It was fun and I can see how people would get hooked on the thrill, but I understand odds and realize that even the loose slots that have an incredible 94% payback means you will, on average, lose 6% of your money.
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