Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render


kreidlerKreidler and I spent the afternoon vegging, playing our Nintendo DSes and watching movies.

Skeleton Key - Genuine creeps in a well done film. Voodoo stuff gives me the heebee jeebies. Satisfying ending too. I hate movies that start out well and fail to end well. And we thought we figured out the ending, but we didn't. And that makes part of it even more creepy in retrospect. Go see it.

Mind Hunters - Very flawed, yet enjoyable film about FBI profiler trainees doing an excecise on an island when they start getting killed off. Casting LL Cool J as the brightest of the bunch was a masterful stroke. If you are a nit-picker and not willing to suspend some disbelief, you will hate this.

Godzilla: Final Wars - Strangely, kreidlerKreidler didn't seem to enjoy this one. It was a campy Godzilla fun-fest. This time aliens, bent on harvesting all the mitochondria from humans for food, unleash all the big monster on the world. It is up to the last vestiges of the Earth Defense Force and Godzilla to save the day! There are some great references to other films and even a cameo from the US Godzilla. Rubber suit monster fans only.

Still finding some barf on the carpets, Thank G*d for Resolve and Febreeze.
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